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5 Tips for Reinventing Yourself To Become A Top Wedding Planner

Maybe being a wedding planner is not your first career. Maybe you’ve already tried other careers or jobs, weren’t happy and now want to do something you would love and enjoy. You want to reinvent yourself but you’re feeling a bit scared about it.

Don’t be. Many top wedding planners are people who were in other careers and jobs, had a vision of who they really wanted to be and took action.

Here are 5 keys to reinventing yourself so you can do something you love and fulfill your desire to become a top wedding planner:

1) Identify what excites you

I know you have a passion to be a wedding planner but what about the work excites you the most? Is it that you love being able to help brides? Or do you love the design aspect? Or maybe it’s that you love to organize people and find satisfaction in bringing order to a potentially chaotic situation like a wedding.

Figuring out the aspect of wedding planning that excites you the most will help you determine the types of services you should offer.

2) Identify your strengths

We all have special talents that make us unique. It could be that you are great at turning creative ideas into reality, maybe you’re resourceful and can always figure out how to get things done on time, or maybe you’re a great leader and can easily get people to do what you ask.

Once you know your strengths, you’ll be able to see how you can leverage them to help your clients have fabulous weddings and help you have a successful business.

3) Be willing to be a novice for a short time

Understand that in order to be the best and have a successful business, you might have to first spend some time studying wedding planning and/or getting experience with a seasoned wedding planner.

4) Build a support group

You need people who encourage you when becoming a wedding planner seems too difficult and who celebrate with you when you reach the success you want. This group can be friends and family members or people who have recently reinvented themselves or are in the process of doing it now themselves.

5) Be wary of naysayers

I’ve read many emails from people who want to be wedding planners who were advised against it by a friend or family member.

Realize that your friends and family may have good intentions and want the best for you but they are also people who see you as you are now or have been in the past. They are comfortable with seeing you do the type of work you do today and live the type of life you live today.

But this is your life! If you have the passion, drive and commitment to realize your dream of becoming a top wedding planner, you can do it.

Investment Tips for Women

Avoid procrastination and become one of the many female investors.

Women today are busy. They’re managing their careers, raising a family, furthering their education, running a home or fostering a business. Who has the time to think about investment options? Often these professional women have no workable investment plan.

Compared to men, women face different obstacles when it comes to planning for their financial future and retirement. They face different life challenges and investment risks. They also live longer, which means they need to consider different investment strategies when planning for retirement.

Here we’ve listed a few investment tips for women who want to take the plunge, but don’t know where to begin.

Start now!

No matter how young you are, it’s never too early to start saving. Waiting for something? Well don’t. When planning for your financial future, the old adage ‘There’s no time like the present’ holds true.

But if you haven’t managed to start investing from a young age, then that don’t let it stop you from starting now. Late is better than never if you still need to plan your investment strategy. The time is now; avoid procrastination.

Plan your financial goals

Think about your future and educate yourself about your investment options. Where do you want to be financially in 5, 10 or 15 years time? What sort of lifestyle do you envisage? How would you like to see your wealth grow? What are your retirement plans?

Using the SMART system for goal setting can help you realise objectives that are specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Get clued up

Inform and educate yourself. The internet is loaded with useful resources that will help you plan your investment strategy. Cover the investment basics, but remember that nothing replaces the advice of a trained professional.

Know your options

Do research into equities, money markets, property and bonds. These words might not mean much now, but if you want to make a smart choice, then knowing your investment options is a good place to start.

Get involved

Many women consider it traditional that the man should take care of all financial matters, but this is no longer appropriate. Only you can be responsible for your future financial security. By getting involved in the financial decisions of your family, you can learn and educate yourself about your investment options.

Join an investment club

Investment clubs offer a community where people can pool their resources and knowledge for the purposes of investing. First-time investors can also learn about their investment options and different markets from more experienced club members.

Women-only investment clubs are also growing in popularity. Enquire with your friends to see if they can recommend a club for you. Otherwise you could look into starting your own.

Get professional advice

Once you have done your homework and thought about your investment goals, make sure you also get the advice of a trusted financial planner or investment advisor. Being prepared before you meet with them will mean you get the most out of the session(s). But while it’s good to prepare yourself and to know the basics, there is no replacement for professional advice.

The Advantages of Online Job Search and Web Based Search Site

The good news about the internet is that people no longer need to go from newspaper to magazines all in a bid to get a job. There is no longer a need to go from company to company all in search of a job. The employment of the internet in the posting of jobs has totally changed the way people search for and acquire their jobs these days.

These days there are a lot of job search portals online, and this has made it easy for both the job seekers and the recruiters to get what they want out of a recruitment process or exercise. In fact, it would be no crime to say that these websites have totally changed the way people reason concerning jobs and their application.

The way these websites are designed is such that any company searching for a candidate is very likely to find just the right candidate for the job in view.
If you are in need of a job, then you would need to sign up with the larger job listing websites, as these ones are more likely to give you the jobs you need, since they have a better coverage of the whole job spectrum. These websites are equipped with the resources to match the job you are looking for with the company in view.

There are also some benefits. Most of the online job websites come with interview tips and job application tips. Some of them even come with career tests that would help you ascertain whether the job you are looking for is the right one, given your career skills and your qualification. Some even help you out with career planning tips, telling how to select the right job, and show your level of ascension should proceed, with the things you need to do at a particular time.

These job websites would let you upload your resume to them, and would keep your account open until you find the job you are looking for. They would store your resume in their database, and categorize it in their specialized fields. This way, when a recruiter searches in their database, and their search criteria matches your qualification, your name comes up, and this gives you the chance of being picked. Also, the search engines work in such a way that you have a lot of companies searching for candidates at any one time. This increases your chances of getting selected in a database of applicants.

Apart from this passive form of job search, there is also the active form, where you can search for job opening for your skills. So, you can, even at your leisure, browse through jobs that may interest you, and make applications where necessary.

If you ever find a job that interests you and fits your expertise, then you may apply for it and then sit back and await a reply from the company that put up the advert in the first place. This is the power of the internet and online job search.

Five Tips For Executing A Successful Job Hunt

Looking for employment opportunities can often feel like a daunting mission. Therefore when a solid job opportunity presents itself, we need to make certain that we have placed our finest strategy going ahead to lock up the position. Below are five tips that successful candidates have employed to offer themselves the best positioning to lock down a job. Pursue these straightforward guidelines and assure that you have a successful job hunt.

Make a full-time commitment

When you are searching for work, make certain that you dedicate enough time for this endeavor. Whether you are currently working and seeking for a better-quality employment prospect or are out of work and in search of new job, treat the job hunt as a full-time project. It is imperative to make a time commitment if you wish to optimize your consequences. If you are presently employed, make use of your early mornings as well as late evenings to polish your resume and plan your job interview at lunch time.

Identifying your key skills and marketability

Your job hunt results will improve when you concentrate on specific positions that emphasize your uppermost skill sets that employers demand. Employers will decide on candidates that exemplify particular skills that align with their business vision. Thus, focusing on what you do best and spending your valuable time applying to opportunities that mirror that expertise will help you to get to your target job.

Add a little imagination

Hiring managers prefer applicants with a resume tailored to the open position. You may not need to create an absolutely new resume every occasion you submit an application. Possibly, you can just adjust your objective statement, tweak your qualifications and profile as well as highlight skills and activities that you think suitable for the position. These small yet important alterations can help you to match you for the job and position you as a distinctive contender to a potential employer.

Do a little investigation

Your job search doesn’t finish once you’ve submitted your application to the corporation. Indeed, when you send a potential employer your resume, your competitive profile will begin to take shape. Along with a resume, consider adding a brief cover letter. Prepare the cover letter by doing some basic research on the organization, their products, their competitors, and trends in their industry. Review their website for information on the company. Read their press releases. Go to websites like to review what financial analysts think about the health of the company. After absorbing this research, think about how you might contribute to the department or hiring manager. Add a few lines in your cover letter to highlight your strengths with regard to the business that the company is in. In the cover letter express your strong interest as well as eagerness to get the position. Point out how your experience can contribute to improved profits, cost control, innovation, and / or productivity.

Preparation for interviews

You are a step closer to your required job as soon as you receive a call for interview. This shows that you have exceeded or met the preliminary expectations of the employer. Anticipate the type of interview and the probable questions that might be asked of you. Run a Google search to uncover the type of questions that could be considered common for this position. Make sure that you have a response for these questions. Consider compiling some questions regarding the company and the position. Show the potential employer that you take this job earnestly enough to come equipped.