5 Tips for Reinventing Yourself To Become A Top Wedding Planner

Maybe being a wedding planner is not your first career. Maybe you’ve already tried other careers or jobs, weren’t happy and now want to do something you would love and enjoy. You want to reinvent yourself but you’re feeling a bit scared about it.

Don’t be. Many top wedding planners are people who were in other careers and jobs, had a vision of who they really wanted to be and took action.

Here are 5 keys to reinventing yourself so you can do something you love and fulfill your desire to become a top wedding planner:

1) Identify what excites you

I know you have a passion to be a wedding planner but what about the work excites you the most? Is it that you love being able to help brides? Or do you love the design aspect? Or maybe it’s that you love to organize people and find satisfaction in bringing order to a potentially chaotic situation like a wedding.

Figuring out the aspect of wedding planning that excites you the most will help you determine the types of services you should offer.

2) Identify your strengths

We all have special talents that make us unique. It could be that you are great at turning creative ideas into reality, maybe you’re resourceful and can always figure out how to get things done on time, or maybe you’re a great leader and can easily get people to do what you ask.

Once you know your strengths, you’ll be able to see how you can leverage them to help your clients have fabulous weddings and help you have a successful business.

3) Be willing to be a novice for a short time

Understand that in order to be the best and have a successful business, you might have to first spend some time studying wedding planning and/or getting experience with a seasoned wedding planner.

4) Build a support group

You need people who encourage you when becoming a wedding planner seems too difficult and who celebrate with you when you reach the success you want. This group can be friends and family members or people who have recently reinvented themselves or are in the process of doing it now themselves.

5) Be wary of naysayers

I’ve read many emails from people who want to be wedding planners who were advised against it by a friend or family member.

Realize that your friends and family may have good intentions and want the best for you but they are also people who see you as you are now or have been in the past. They are comfortable with seeing you do the type of work you do today and live the type of life you live today.

But this is your life! If you have the passion, drive and commitment to realize your dream of becoming a top wedding planner, you can do it.